Tenant Fees

 Permitted Payments


All payments are prohibited unless the payment is expressly permitted

under theTenant Fees Act.




The Tenant Fees Act prevents landlords and their agents from requiring tenants to make any payment as a condition of granting, renewing or continuing a tenancy apart from:



    A capped refundableTenancyDeposit

    A capped refundable Holding Deposit unless the tenants withdraws from the tenancy

    Payments in the event of a default

    Payment on variation,assignment or novation of a tenancy

    Payment on termination(surrender) of a tenancy

    Paymentsin respect of Council Tax

    Payments for utilities(electricity, gas or other fuel, water or sewage)

    Payments for a television licence

    Communication services (telephone other than a mobile telephone;

the internet; cable television, satellite television)

    Green Deal charge






The ban on tenant fees applies only in relationto tenancy agreements and licences signed on or afterthe 1 June 2019.





The Act refers to a tenant or a ‘relevan tperson’which includes a prospective,current or a former tenant or licensee.



NB: A tenant or relevant person also includes a guarantor or anybody actingon behalf of the tenant.






A tenants regular payment to a landlord for the use of the property under a tenancy is a Permitted Payment.


NB:If the amount of rent payable at the start of the tenancy ismore than the amount of rent payable at any later period during the tenancy, the additional amount is a Prohibited Payment.


Increases or reductions of rent are allowed where it is set out in the tenancy agreement or byagreement between the landlord and tenant after the tenancy has started.